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De Gelderse Smalspoor Stichting (GSS)


Gegründet 1984
Spurweite     700 mm
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Adressen Bezoekadres:
Steenbakkerij Randwijk
Renkumse Veerweg 5a
6666 LE Heteren


The Gelderse Smalspoor Stichting (GSS)

The Gelderse Smalspoor Stichting is a club with is active with the preservation of narrow gauge trains. Since 2005, the GSS is located at an old brickfactory in Heteren (between Arnheim and Wageningen) and therefore can show their rolling stock in an authentic environment. This also means that there is still a whole lot to do in transforming the location from an unused factory to a living museum.

You're welcome to visit our museum and see the progress yourselves. As soon as available, the opening times for bext year will be made available.

More information can be found on our website:

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